Many businesses may qualify for a tax exemption on their utility bills, reducing their costs by eliminating sales tax. While some states only provide an exemption for the percentage used for qualifying equipment, Texas works differently. When you complete a predominant use study in Texas, if your qualifying energy usage accounts for more than half of all energy use, you will qualify for a full exemption.

Schedule Your Study

The first step in the process is to find a company to complete your predominant use study in Texas. Choose a company that is familiar with local regulations on these tax exemptions and uses a method that considers your yearly average for use. Some companies will only look at a month or two, which can lead to less accurate results, especially if you conduct the study in a slower period.

Complete the Study

After you choose a company for your predominant use study in Texas, they will set up the necessary equipment to monitor your use over a specified period. They will also help you determine which equipment qualifies for the tax exemption to more accurately calculate the percentage of exempt use. As long as your exempt usage is more than 50 percent of your total use, you will get a full exemption from sales tax on your utilities.

File Your Paperwork

Once your predominant use study in Texas is over, you can file the necessary paperwork and submit your documentation to your local utility company. The right company will help you with this process to ensure prompt implementation of your tax-exempt status.

If you’re interested in completing a predominant use study in Texas, visit the B. Riley Financial, Inc. website to schedule an appointment.

Financial planning is a step-by-step guide that takes you closer to meeting your future financial goals. As the saying goes, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail,’ if you don’t have concrete financial life planning, then know that you are on the losing end. So then, why should you involve yourself in financial planning? Read on to understand the top reasons why this process is necessary throughout your lifetime.

Income Management

Financial Life Planning helps you to manage your sources of income. More often, you will be able to know how much taxes you need to pay as well as the specific amount you will save every month. Therefore, this process will benefit you whether you have a single source of income or multiple sources.

Better Investment Decisions

Having a financial plan also enables you to develop better investment decisions. For instance, you can calculate a specific risk tolerance for a specific investment/situation. Also, it enables you to make better decisions based on your present objectives and needs.

Cushion against Inflation

If there’s one external factor that can significantly affect your future financial goals is inflation. Severe inflations can affect the value of your savings and purchasing power. However, if you practice sound financial life planning, you will be better prepared to deal with any kind of inflation.

In California, homeowners identify the benefits provided through property-based policies. These benefits help them secure their investment more fully and prevent a financial loss. They also reduce the impact of certain liabilities for the property owners. The following is what to expect from policies acquired through homeowners insurance in San Francisco, CA.

Funds for Replacement or Repairs

The homeowner’s insurance in San Francisco, CA provides funds to replace the property if it is a total loss. These funds are also available for repairs after covered events. The funds provided are based on the total value available through the policy and the estimates provided by service providers. Standard policies provide a market value for the replacement of the property. However, property owners could acquire the true replacement value which is based on an estimate provided by a contractor.

Replacement for Groceries After a Power Outage

These policies provide funds to replace groceries after a natural disaster or serious storm. These events often lead to power outages that last several days. If the property owner loses any groceries in a freezer or refrigerator during these events, they acquire funds to replace them through their policies.

True Replacement for Electronics and Appliances

The true replacement value for electronics and appliances is based on the exact price of these items. A property owner who acquires these values through their policy can replace the item quickly. If the original model is no longer available, the property owner acquires funds to pay for the latest model. This term of the policy eliminates a major loss for the homeowner.

Temporary Housing Funds for Displaced Homeowners

Homeowners who are displaced due to natural disasters or fires acquire temporary housing funds. These funds cover the full cost of hotel fees and food. The value available to the homeowner is determined when they start the policy.

In California, homeowners review possibilities through property insurance. These possibilities equate to the replacement of the property, personal belongings, appliances, and electronics. Homeowners also acquire funds to replace groceries and provide coverage for temporary housing. Property owners who need homeowners insurance in San Francisco CA contact Pennbrook Insurance Services for more info or a free quote today. Visit them online at

When you have been awarded a structured settlement, you may feel a sense of relief. You know that the party who wronged you now has to pay you money for your pain and suffering. Although money cannot help return a lost life or completely right a wrong, it can help you live easier. 

Choose the Right Company

After being out of work and in court, you may need money fast and wonder who buys structured settlements near me. Luckily, there are many professional companies such as company name that will buy your structured settlement and get you your money fast. You will want to investigate the fees associated. Some companies take a percentage, while others add interest on payments. 

Pay Your Bills 

If you could not work during court due to injury or wrongdoing, you may be drowning in bills. Is your electric bill due soon? Do you have to pay your mortgage, water, and heating bills? Do you have daycare and car insurance to pay? Bills will add up quickly during court if you are out of work. The court process can take months and in some cases, over a year. 

Once you have been awarded a structured settlement, you may feel relief thinking you can finally pay some bills. However, the payments may be small while the lump some is large. A company who buys structured settlements can help you. They will buy a portion or all of your structured settlement for a small fee. You can pay all of your bills easily with a lump sum of cash. 

Getting control of your finances now will lead to greater security in the future. The first step you need to take is knowing where you sit financially. This involves writing down all your debts, assets, and income. Once you understand where you are, you can plan a route to get to where you want to be.

After saving an emergency fund and paying off your debt, you need to focus on saving for retirement. There are a few retirement savings vehicles you can consider. If you work for a company, they may offer a 401(k). Or you can ask your company about a SEP IRA. If you work for yourself, a SEP IRA could also benefit you. You may also consider a traditional or Roth IRA. Each individual retirement account has its pros and cons. You should get familiar with all of them before deciding the best option for your retirement planning.

Setting up a SEP IRA or another retirement account is easy. Do your research on different companies that offer individual retirement accounts. A few of the things you should look at when comparing companies include the fees they charge, the customer service they offer, and the type of investments you can make using their accounts.

The sooner you start saving for retirement, the better. However, it is never too late to start. Once you know where you sit financially and what your options are for retirement savings, you will be one step closer to enjoying financial security and the benefits that come with it.

It takes a lot of work to get to a point in your life where you can own your own home. Not only do you have to do a good job to own a home, but you also have to prove you are responsible enough to make the payments each month. When you own your own property, you want to make sure it is protected. There are all kinds of disasters that can happen to any home but if you have quality insurance, you can make it through those hard times.

Cobb-Hall Insurance provide quality Homeowners Insurance in Howell MI, auto insurance, health insurance, and also life insurance. They can even help you find the best deal on business insurance. If you don’t own a home, and you rent your home instead, you also can find quality renters insurance to protect yourself. When disaster strikes, make sure you are prepared. RFP insurance is an independent company, but they work with many other insurance companies to help you find the best rates for your Homeowners Insurance in Howell MI. Shopping around for insurance can be frustrating, so let an insurance company compare rates for you.

An insurance company should be trustworthy, and they also should be there for you when you need them. If you do have a robbery, a fire in your home, or any type of other damage occurs, then your insurance company should be available to handle all of your needs. They can give you a listening ear, and they can help you file a claim. Accidents happen but when you have quality insurance, then your property and your belongings will be covered. Talk to an insurance agent today and make sure you have the proper policy to take care of all your insurance needs.

If you are looking for the Best Homeowners Insurance in Howell MI, then talk to an insurance agent who you know can help you find the best insurance coverage. A professional insurance agent will work with your needs, so they can find you a policy that will cover everything you own or rent. Many insurance agencies now work together, so they can make sure their customers have all their needs met.

Cobb-Hall Insurance offers the best homeowners insurance policies in Howell MI. To learn more about Insurance Policies they offer, visit their website at

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The thought of Marketplace plan enrollment in Atlanta, GA, can be stressful. You’ve glanced at your list of options for insurance. You have no idea which one will give you the best coverage for a premium that works for you. You feel like closing your eyes, pointing at the screen, and hoping for the best. There’s a better way to take on the Federal Health Insurance Exchange. Customer service representatives have answers to your questions. When you talk to a staff member, you will be asked how many people are going to need coverage in your household. You will also need to include an estimate of what the income is for everyone in your family. If anyone has any other coverage, such as Medicare, it could affect what your out-of-pocket expenses will be for health insurance.

Marketplace plan enrollment in Atlanta, GA, doesn’t have to give you a headache. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before you call. You should include the date of birth for every member in your home who will be included in your plan. Social security identification numbers are also necessary. Total up an estimate for your family’s income. You must include any income provided by children in your home. Children can be a part of your plan until their 26th birthday. Questions will be asked concerning the use of tobacco in your family. Any current pregnancies for family members will be taken into account as well. Learn about your costs and options when you go to

Personal Insurance Coverage

As a resident in the state of Vermont, you could buy reliable insurance plans at competitive market prices. If you own a home, you could protect it with a suitable plan that’s based on several major factors. An insurance agency in St. Albans, Vermont, may offer flexible options for homeowners insurance on any residential dwelling. You could select a monthly payment plan that meets your budget and other preferences. However, the deductible and monthly premium rates will have to be adjusted according to your specific plan. Some parameters that impact the cost of homeowners insurance include the location, date of construction and interior furnishings. An insurance agency in St. Albans, Vermont, also offers coverage on rental properties, including apartments, townhouses and condos. Some landlords will require you to purchase minimum coverage for the leased unit. Renters insurance mostly provides protection against personal liability as defined in the court of law.

Auto Insurance Policies

An insurance agency in St. Albans, Vermont, typically offers auto insurance plans for used and new vehicles. Depending on the make, model, odometer reading and safety features of your vehicle, you will receive an accurate quote and monthly rate. You could save on the car insurance policy by maintaining a safe driving record over the years. Depending on the laws in Vermont, you will purchase minimum coverage for comprehensive, collision and other plans for your registered vehicle. Additionally, roadside assistance may be available at a small monthly fee for extra peace of mind.

Contact Hickok & Boardman Insurance at to shop for insurance plans in Vermont.

There are thousands of universities working to out-license their technology. However, the process to achieve this can be quite complicated. When it comes to university technology, one of the best things a university can do is hire a professional team to help them with the process. Some of the benefits offered by seeking professional help in technology transfer can be found here.

They Understand the Process

One of the biggest benefits of hiring professionals to help with issues related to university technology is that they understand the process and have the skills needed to execute transactions. They can ensure that all steps are taken from protecting the IP to identifying the most appropriate out-license candidates for a successful outcome. When inventors try to handle the process of licensing it on their own, a myriad of rookie errors may arise, leading to a serious delay or worse, no transaction at all. With the help of the tech transfer professionals these issues can often be avoided. One way to be sure the technology transfer professional is knowledgeable and experienced, is to see if they hold CLP (Certified Licensing Professional) certification. A list of all individuals worldwide that have received this certification can be found here.

As you can see, there are many benefits by hiring tech transfer professionals to help with the out-licensing of university technology. They can help with many facets of the process and ensure no serious issues arise. In the long run, this is beneficial for everyone and can help get new technology to market faster. Selecting the right tech transfer professional usually in our experience requires the use of professional placement service specializing in individuals who commercialize IP.

Find out more about improving your technology-transfer organization visit the Tekcapital website.

When you are searching for the best stock advisory services online, you really must be careful. Today, it takes about an hour to set up a website so it is not a very exclusive activity anymore. Just about anyone that has a device and an internet signal can become a self-declared “expert”. Unfortunately, the laws have not quite kept up with technology so internet scams are a little difficult to prosecute. You have to do your research that be sure that you are getting advice from someone with a proven track record.

Do the Work
One of the best ways you can ensure that you are getting the best stock advisory services online is to do your homework. Look for a few of these qualities before you make any decisions:
*Personal success
*Commitment to others
*Information exchange

A good way to tell if you are dealing with someone that has the experience to help you is if they are doing well. Clearly someone who trades successfully and has a proven track record of trading successfully is a good indicator that they can help you duplicate their experiences and help you to get closer to your own wealth goals.

Commitment to Others
While everyone, is in it to make money there also has to be a commitment to service and to helping people succeed. Of course, you should not base your choices on the belief that someone just wants to help you succeed but there should be a balance.

The Best Option Online
There is on one option that is easily the best option online. It meets all the “qualification criteria” for expert support and it has been around for a while. Before you follow any other advice online, take a look at what the Financial Markets Wizard has to offer!