Getting Important Personal Insurance in St Augustine FL

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Insurance Agents

Auto coverage is important Personal Insurance in St Augustine FL that every car owner needs to have. A driver who doesn’t have the minimum liability coverage is at risk of having their license suspended if they are caught. During a traffic stop, a driver must provide proof of insurance. A driver’s car can be towed and placed in an impound lot if proof of insurance isn’t shown.

Auto Insurance Basics

Any car owner looking for an insurance policy should learn some basics first. Liability coverage is the type that is mandated by law. It means that the owner is insured to help pay for any damages or injuries that they might be deemed liable for after an accident. This type of coverage doesn’t cover the policy owner’s property, medical bills, or theft, but such coverage can easily be added to a policy.

More Auto Insurance Basics

Car owners who want more insurance can have full-coverage policies. Owners of newer vehicles will usually want full-coverage policies. A plus about these policies is that they cover theft. If the vehicle isn’t recovered, the policyholder will usually be paid market value for their loss. Payouts can vary from insurer to insurer, so it’s smart for a customer to find out how they will be compensated if their vehicle is considered a total loss.

Saving On Auto Insurance

Customers can save money on Personal Insurance in St Augustine FL when they tweak some things on their policies. One of the easiest methods insurance customers use is raising their deductibles. A driver who wants to save on their monthly premium can raise their auto insurance deductible to the highest dollar amount possible. Passing up on perks like roadside assistance can also help to reduce costs with some insurers. Having good credit is also known to help with auto insurance prices.