Why Hire a Professional to Help with University Technology?

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Money and finance

There are thousands of universities working to out-license their technology. However, the process to achieve this can be quite complicated. When it comes to university technology, one of the best things a university can do is hire a professional team to help them with the process. Some of the benefits offered by seeking professional help in technology transfer can be found here.

They Understand the Process

One of the biggest benefits of hiring professionals to help with issues related to university technology is that they understand the process and have the skills needed to execute transactions. They can ensure that all steps are taken from protecting the IP to identifying the most appropriate out-license candidates for a successful outcome. When inventors try to handle the process of licensing it on their own, a myriad of rookie errors may arise, leading to a serious delay or worse, no transaction at all. With the help of the tech transfer professionals these issues can often be avoided. One way to be sure the technology transfer professional is knowledgeable and experienced, is to see if they hold CLP (Certified Licensing Professional) certification. A list of all individuals worldwide that have received this certification can be found here.

As you can see, there are many benefits by hiring tech transfer professionals to help with the out-licensing of university technology. They can help with many facets of the process and ensure no serious issues arise. In the long run, this is beneficial for everyone and can help get new technology to market faster. Selecting the right tech transfer professional usually in our experience requires the use of professional placement service specializing in individuals who commercialize IP.

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