The Benefits of Using an HOA Financial Service

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Money and finance

Keeping track of your HOA financial data can be difficult, but you’re not alone. It’s a common issue you’re bound to face eventually as a homeowners association board member. If you’re looking for HOA financial services in Castaic, CA then this is for you.

Seek the aid of a trusted HOA financial service in Castaic, CA to help you to prepare all of your monthly financial statements. If doing this has become too much of a hassle, an HOA financial consultant in Castaic, CA can help with the organization and handling of your financial data.

Accounts and Funds

Discuss the process with your HOA consultant. There are many ways your consultant can help. They manage account ledgers and the creation and management of banks accounts. They are also skilled in submissions of annual budget proposals and writing checks for approved invoices. Furthermore, they review bills for cost efficiency and accuracy, safely handle and mail all statements to unit owners, and keep a history of every homeowner.

Documentation & Records

You can rely on your consultant to manage ledgers that store receipts and other disbursements, monitor and perform budget analysis and area cost statistics, as well as:

  • Conduct frequent bank reconciliations while managing a payable journal and check register.
  • Oversee and manage copies of annual statements pertaining to finances.
  • Handle the preparation and distribution of 1099 IRS tax forms annually.

Your consultant will also assess and inspect files of all paid bills, create and mail correspondence pertaining to delinquent accounts (to ensure they’re current), and recommend proper legal action, and work together with involved third-party auditing firms.